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Participant ‘Flare’, Natalya Abromovich

Age: 22

Height: 5’ 5’’

Weight: 60kg

Weapons: Flamethrower, knife.        

After the fight with Zero:

Weapons: Bionic right arm with in-built flamethrower and razor sharp claws, 9mm pistol, increased strength, speed, toughness and endurance induced by narcotics.


Biography: A problem child from an early age, ‘Flare’ aka Natalya Abromovich came from a poor but caring Russian family in the town of Vladivostok. Her childhood was plagued with disturbing acts of violence; she sadistically killed the family’s pet dog and threatened her parents and other children at school with sharp objects. A school dropout, in her teens she became obsessed with fire and by the age of 16 she had burnt down her parents’ house, killing them along with it.


By the age of 18, she joined the crime underworld and became a hired killer, working her way up to a right-hand woman of a powerful Russian Mafia kingpin, who she eventually torched to death. Later she fled Russia, knowing the whole crime organisation was after her. She travelled to America and somehow found herself caught up with Zero; like many bounty hunters, Labtech employed her to kill Zero knowing her psychotic and pyromaniacal nature would be a huge asset. Her methods also include seduction and sexual acts to lure her target (be it male or female) where she can effectively kill them. With her fiery temper and unpredictable behaviour she is considered highly unstable and extremely deadly, Flare wouldn’t think twice of killing or burning anyone or anything just for her own perverse pleasure.


She took Zero by surprise and managed to badly wound him with a metal beam, it was only his increased healing factor that kept him alive long enough to escape. After informing Anarchy about her they teamed up to fight her, but after almost burning Anarchy she escaped to fight another day. She eventually faced Zero alone one more time but he managed to disable her flamethrower; with no time to fix it and only her knife to protect her she attacked head on only to be met by Zero’s blade, he severed her arm but she still kept on fighting, slashing Zero in the process. The intense battle ended when Anarchy took her by surprise and managed to douse her in flames from her own weapon and bringing her to a fiery death; a somewhat fitting end to their deadliest foe yet…


…Or so they thought. Unbeknownst to them her armour was flameproof but her face and head were badly burnt, she did however manage to survive; she was taken to LabTech and operated on, her severed arm was replaced with a deadly claw which had a flamethrower incorporated into its design, and by request the scientists administered a prototype drug which was being used in its Super Soldier program (stolen from Zero’s blood samples), she gained all the strengths Zero and Anarchy possess. With her armour upgraded and a sinister looking gasmask (to protect her face and hide her horrific scars) she was ready to kill her target once more, and get revenge on Anarchy for permanently scarring her. The whole transformation took just 3 months.