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Participant Technologies Tactical Light Assault Scout Armour. More reliable and less technologically equipped, the Scout Armour was developed for the UN as a global light armour project. Its helmet still retains its HUD but the rest of the armour is unpowered but still offers decent protection from laser and bullet attacks. Scout armour is well suited for urban deployment and close quarter fighting. Fara Williams

Age: 25

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 57kg

Weapons: Standard Issue MK3 Laser Rifle, combat knife.

                 Or in Civilian clothes a Desert Eagle and combat knife.

BattleAttire: Standard Light Infantry Armour

Civilian Attire: Yellow croptop, blue jeans and brown boots.


Biography: A former US marine. At a time of heavy propaganda trying to recruit new soldiers (the early 21st century War on Terror raged on for so long it heavily depleted forces), at the tender age of 16 Fara decided there was no other choice than to join after waking up one morning to find her parents killed. She worked for the Light Assault Infantry Division and made it up to the rank of Lieutenant. Once Zero arrived back in the US he vowed to locate and kill Col. Melter, he broke into a military base to fight him, his mission was successful but he escaped by stealing some prototype jetboots. Fara was one of the marines stationed on the base and her unit gave chase.


After chasing him into the city a firefight ensued but her unit accidentally blew up a car near her, knocking her out, they retreated without her. Feeling compassion Zero took her home to heal her, and for reasons only known to him decided to tell her everything; Fara must have felt something back as she let him live and returned to base the next day. It was in the next few days she found out it was LabTech who killed her parents, she felt bitter and used after faithfully serving them for nearly 10 years, she Went AWOL and joined Zero, she felt attached to him and felt she could trust him. They became a couple and when his plans to start a revolution and fight LabTech she was the first to join, her strict military expertise would come in handy and she felt she had a purpose; she never felt truly comfortable working in the army.