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Participant Technologies MK 4 Tactical Battle Armour. The main heavy armour used by their troops, this high tech suit has had its fair share of teething problems but comes equipped with an advance heads up display monitoring health, ammo, suit performance and a radar, it also has 2 built in arm mounted small lasers, and the armour itself is almost like an exo skeleton, boosting  the wearers strength and speed capabilites by a factor of nearly 2. The advance Ceremite plating can deflect bullets and laser blasts with ease but a contentrated blast will melt the armour eventually.

The MK3 laser rifle is the standard issue riffle of the Army, and can fire concentrated or pulse laser blasts at multiple frequences, its PowerCell ammuntion holds around 200 shots depending on power. The laser is linked wirelessly to the suit so it cannot be fired without it, however this feature is often disabled by the soldiers for ease.

Name: Anthony Melter

Age: 47

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 89kg

Weapons: Mk3 laser rifle and custom built arm mounted cannon firing anti-personel rounds

Battle Attire: MK IV Marine Armour

Rank: Colonel


Biography: A ruthless and efficient soldier, and a cold blooded killer, Colonel Anthony Melter is part of the “old guard” that served while LabTech mercilessly took over the country, it didnt bother him though, as long as there was war, there was Melter. He suffered a terrible wound whilst fighting in Iran, a grenade exploded in his face and he lost an arm. True to Labtechs pioneering work, he was rebuilt stronger than ever and was outfitted with a detatchable arm cannon that he usually wields in battle.

His team was put on assignment to capture Zero and after several losses, they did. He went against company orders of delivering the young bounty hunter straight to headquarters and personally tortured him, however Zero somehow escaped and fled the military base he was kept at; not all was lost though for Melter, blood samples where taken ready to be studied by labTech for their Supersoldier program. Jonathan Blane

Age: 31

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 106kg

Weapons: Mk3 laser rifle with undermounted grenade launcher.

Battle Attire: MK IV Marine Armour

Rank: Sergeant


Biography: An exemplary soldier, Blane reached Sergeant relatively quickly; he served under Colonel Melter as a trustworthy and reliable marine. He is proficient with heavy weapons and uses a grenade launching variant of the standard rifle for extra firepower. He was assigned along with Melter to capture Ezekiel and bring him to headquarters, which they succeeded in doing. After sampling his blood for a new supersolider project, Ezekiel escaped, only to return a year later, in which time a serum was being developed on human lab rats by LabTech. While most patients either died violently (rejecting the serum) or simply had no effect, Blane was (un)fortunately duped into being a test subject, he took on the serums enhanced strength effect but it made him wildly uncontrollable and immune to pain; almost the perfect Labtech soldier. They outfitted him with heavy battle armour and twin Powerfists, he was to volatile to carry any form of firearm. It wasn’t until further experiments they perfected the serum.