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Hammerknight said:

Great set of characters and profiles.

thanks, I know its not superheros but there is a lot of fantasy and mythology in my work, later on in my story Zero and Fara break into LabTech headquarters and discover sinister links back to the Nazi’s supersoldier program, and how Zero may be a product of genetic engineering, his great grandfather is revealed to be a successful test subject all those years ago….

Anyway, ive got a couple more characters:

Name: Littlehawk Ramirez

Age: 26

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 110kg

Weapons: Mk3 laser rifle with undermounted grenade launcher, Uzi, Machete


Biography: Littlehawk is Ezekiel’s best friend, although not strictly part of the streetpunk underground scene, he was always there and sees him as a little brother, he comes from a traditional American Indian family and is always there to give advice. Like many teenagers during the ascention years that Labtech rose to power, heavy taxes, propaganda and high crime drove a lot of people to the streets, he still instills his values of life but feels the Company in control is wrong, and is prepared to fight against them. A huge character both physically and spiritually, he is the backbone of Zero’s crack team to take down LabTech, and he proudly wears the armour of a fallen marine in defiance (as well as being able to use his gun). He is a great tactician, leader, and a good friend. During a huge battle outside the companys headquarters, it was Littlehawk that held the soldiers at bay whilest Zero and Fara snuck into the building, he would put his life on the line for his little “brother” and Zero never forgets it.