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Fredmans Epistle # 1: To Cajsa Stina

Introducing our main character, Jean Fredman, as well as a few other characters, who will not be expanded upon in this particular song.
Fredman is a charismatic watchmaker (without any workshop, work capital or watches). He is based on one of Bellman’s friends, as are most of his characters, and he usually narrates the epistles.
In this song he is at the Wismar Inn and he makes a toast to the barmaid Cajsa Stina, and to his friends and drinking buddies.
As he rambles on, however, it becomes clear that nobody is really paying any attention to what he’s saying, as they are more occupied with tending to the patrons, drinking their sorrows away or passing out.


My horrible translation (note that I will ignore the rhyming and rythms, and concentrate more on getting the intent of the lyrics across. Italics are sung, the rest is supposed to be spoken):

Truly, no one is drinking. Drink, dear brothers! Behold the glasses on the tables at this inn! See the tankards on the shelves in the cupboards! Note how the shining tin tankards that Cajsa Stina is holding seem to speak to you, thusly: Hello, dear friends! Drown your sins!
Indeed, dear sisters, indeed, dear brothers: Do you know how it appears to me?

*dead silence*

Well, it appears to me, that nothing will appear to us until we take ourselves a sip.

What was that!?


Err… Cheers, dear souls!

A toast to both day and night!
New pleasures, new delights!
Dampen your sins,
Bring forth the liquor,
And follow the commandments of Bacchus.
A toast to both day and night!
Behold our sister, Cajsa Stina,
See her bottles shine.
My dear, bring me the tankard, and smile.
Smile, swallow and drink, like me!

It is I who will empty the glasses, and it is you who will fill them up, and it is we, dear brothers, who will order more beer, and make sure that there is an abundance of the sweet juices. Such is the order of the world, I believe. Cheers! More cheers! How many beers?

… err…

Legion, for we are many.

Cheers, Jergen Puckel! Cheers, Benjamin Schwalbe! At your service, Eric Bergström! Do you have anything to drink, Wingmark? Cheers, brother Berg and Cristian Samuel Bredström, who are laying under your table! Don’t bother the barmaids! Play louder, fiddlers! Beat on the drums! Hold on to your glasses!

A toast to that which we hold dear!
Days of sorrow may come forth,
But so will also the bottles.
Listen to the the music!
Have a drink!
Days of sorrow will come soon enough.
As Cajsa Stina fills up the glasses,
She makes my heart beat faster.
As long as none of you tries to steal my drink
I will sing all of your praises!