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Thank you, Dionne Jinn! Glad to see you posting here. I’m a huge fan of your work.

The Näck is an aquatic humanoid predator that makes its home in the freshwater lakes and rivers of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Northern Germany. It is distantly related to the Oceanic Merfolk, but lacks their fins and gills, giving it a deceptively human appearance.
Näcks are rare but extremely dangerous, and should they be spotted it is advisable to immediately report them to the proper authorities. Not only are they stronger and faster, both on land and in water, than the average human, but they are also quite cunning. Their most lethal trait, however, is their ability to emit infrasound, capable of causing a paralyzing effect in their victims. The Näcks are then able to leisurely drown the pray for later consumption.

Artistic rendering of the Näck that was spotted and shot in the Norwegian Glomma River in 1983. The Näck is traditionally portrayed with a fiddle, as its calling sounds similar to the instrument.äck.PNG

Artistic rendering of the Näck of Store Gribsø, Zealand, Denmark. The creature can be linked to at least seven deaths since 1955. A number of attempts to capture or kill it has been made in vain.