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@Seraph said:

The troll and the sprite are too adorable…I could barely deal with how cute it is.

Also, love that the Pissed Pistolier is missing a shoe. It’s funny. And the fairy queen is pretty cool too…any plans to show us fairy babies in all their adorable glory?

Thank you very much!

Fairy babies, huh? There’s an idea…

Details from the lifecycle of a Greater Geatish Fairy

The Greater Geatish Fairy is commonly found in the meadows and birch forests of southern Sweden and south east Norway, where it forms hives, under ground or in hollow trees, of 30 to 500 individuals. The hive is centred around the Queen or Matriarch (pictured above).Ägg.PNG

The egg and embryo of a Greater Geatish Fairy, four hours before hatching.

The Queen mates with males from other colonies during Swarming, which occures once every year, around mid-june. After this event the Queen can preserve the males’ genetic material within her body for a year for the fertilizition of her eggs, which she lays 4-8 of every week.

The nymph of a Greater Geatish Fairy, fifteen days after hatching.

The nymphs are fiercely watched over by the Hive Guards and the Queen herself, as they are highly vulnerable to predators and parasites. 42 days after hatching their wings have grown fully, and their skin has hardened enough for them to become productive members of the Hive, either as Workers or Hunters.