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@Herr D said:

kicking yourself in the face? I’m going to have to suggest stomping on your own feet instead. It doesn’t require amazing flexibility, balance, or grace, but it does mean you can’t give yourself amnesia–forgetting your work. And if you do it hard enough, you might break an instep and have more computer time!

Point taken. *Starts stomping*

@Legatus said:

I love Civilization, but I have not played it in the last 2 years or so. I might start a new game. See you in six months.

Just one more turn…

@Alexander of Limbo said:
absolutely love your work, especially the mythical stuff =D But as i’m studying fossilization right now i have to be the boring old fart and say that anything fossilized in amber keeps its soft body tissue. But these mythical things are f***ing awesome =D

could i suggest making some trolls or yetis? =)

Aw, shoot. I kind of suspected that, but was unable to clarify whether it was actually the case. Oh, well, thank you for informing me, and for your kind comments.

Also, why did you have to mention trolls? Now I had to eschew sleep for another few hours to make this:

Nordic Forest Troll, carrying an injured Greater Finnish Sprite

The Nordic Forest Troll is a very rare creature to spot these days. The First, Second and Third Jotun Purges (AD 996, AD 1558 and AD 1937, respectively), deforestation and conflicts with other forest creatures (particularly huldras and wights) have brought the species to the edge of extinction, and have made it highly averse to human contact.
Forest Trolls are far from as aggressive as commonly thought, more often than not choosing to back away from a threat rather than fighting it. If they are cornered, however, or if their habitats are in direct peril, they may charge with ferociousness rivalling their mountainous cousins. For example, the Third Jotun Purge was sparked by the maiming of a party of seven Finnish lumberjacks by a rampaging Forest Troll, near Jyväskylä in the autumn of 1936.
Generally, the presence of a Forest Troll is a sign of good health in the forest environment. They take great pride in their territories, and often attempt to heal or repair any damages made to them.

I planned to add more shadings and highlights to this one, but the Machine was acting up, and I lost my patience. Oh, and those aren’t breasts. They are egg sacs.