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December 18 1923. Norwegian tanner Sylfest Bodevik goes missing while hiking through the forests of Lardal. His tent is found by a search party two days later, but the the man himself is never discovered. A photograph found in Bodevik’s camera, taken a few weeks before the incident, near the location of his final camp site, appears to be one of the few remaining pictures of a Norwegian huldra.
Why Bodevik would return to the location after spotting the creature is unclear.
The photograph is held by the Norwegian National Archives, but the copy seen below is exhibited at the Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo.

Firefox died on me while I was in the process of adding the final detailing on this one, and before I thought of saving the text
So her tail kind of melts in to the background, and I’m not sure about her eyes… Still, I guess she looks okay.
Oh, well. You live and learn. I’m going with Chrome from now on.