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Thank you both!

Today I let my younger brother go wild on the Machine. He chose the items and the colours. I clicked. What started out as a fun little experiment soon turned into a fascinating peek into the mind of a four year old boy, as well as some surprisingly creative characters.

Here are the results:

Eldis (loose translation: Firey… or something)

Eldis shoots two different kinds of fire: ordinary fire and “coal fire”. His favourite tactic (beyond just purging his enemis with flames) is kicking them into the air and then letting them fall on his spiked shoulder pad. The other shoulder pad doubles as a pizza slicer. I briefly consider asking my brother why a super villain would bring a pizza slicer around, but suddenly realize I can’t find any reason as to why he wouldn’t.

Bombis (=Bombey)

My brother notices the Body – Mech section and gets euphoric. Bombis the robot is quickly constructed. I am informed that he and Eldis belong to the same team, hence the matching colour scheme and capes, and that red and black are the best colours ever. I can’t really argue with that.

Pilbågis Pilbågsriddare (=Archey Archerknight)ågis.PNG

I’m guessing that the lobe in my brother’s brain that loves robots smashed into the lobe that loves knights in all the excitement over Bombis. That is the only explanation I have for this unholy abomination. This is my favourite out of the bunch. Pure unadultered juvenile insanity. I could probably pitch this guy to Hasbro and make a fortune.

Buzz (= Just Buzz. In his hour of unimaginative-ness the boy turned to the cover of his Toy Story 3 DVD for salvation.)

Robotic centaur supervillain sporting two kinds of flamethrowers.
Robotic centaur supervillain sporting two kinds of flamethrowers.

Also the grass is blue now. This is important for some reason.

Skjutis (=Shootey)

The boy seems to be running out of ideas at this point, rehashing old concepts from his earlier creations. He does tell me, however, that one of Skjutis’ guns shoots darkness-bullets and the other fires fire-bullets, which admittedly is pretty kick-ass.

He then proceeded to smash the keyboard with his fist, somehow causing a reboot of the system. (I’m serious. I didn’t even know that was possible.)

It was probably for the best at that point, though.