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@Trekkie said:

JR19759- Shakespeare’s not that bad- it’s just that anything interesting you may find in his plays gets analysed to boredom at school. There are reasons why I don’t plan on taking English any further than GCSE.

Shakespeare is alright before GCSE, when you get to do his interesting stuff like The Tempest and Hamlet, but then you get to GCSE and you have to sit through Romeo and Juliet [shivers]. Shakespeare in my opinion only wrote a handful of interesting works (the aforementioned pre-GCSE pair and Macbeth are the only ones that spring to mind and I’d only ever sit down and watch/read one of them), where as everything Dickens wrote was masterful. Yet the only book of his that I could study when I did my GCSE’s was Great Expectations (which is one of my faves) and we didn’t study any of his prior to that. What is that about!?
Now, not only was the man a brilliant author but was also the social conciseness of an era, exposing the inequalities of society and the terrible living conditions of the working class, in a way that still works to this day, whereas Shakespeare, and lets be fair to him, didn’t. And at least everyone in the world agrees that Dickens wrote his own books.
The case for the defence rests.
(Sorry for turning your thread into an argument Weilyn. Can’t wait to see more of your work.)