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OK, here we go! Next bit!
Chapter 2 – Andy

Andy soon got used to school, although he quickly discovered that his education had been very spotty. His parents, who had decided to homeschool their son rather than making him change schools every time they moved, had focused on the subjects they knew best: reading, writing, history and science. As a result, Andy was miles ahead of his classmates in some subjects, but a long way behind in others.

A week after starting, Andy was moved down a group for Maths, and was immediately intrigued by one of his new classmates.

[And this is where I originally started. Really bad place, I know.]

“Who is that guy?” he asked Dan.

Dan was confused. “Who?”

When Andy pointed out the boy, Dan burst out laughing, and it was a whole minute before he’d calmed down enough to explain.

“See, ‘That guy’ is actually a girl. Her name’s Sara Kagé.”

Sara? A girl? With hair that short? Andy was fascinated, and wanted to go and talk to Sara, but Dan pulled him back.

“I wouldn’t if I was you. Sara’s pretty weird.”

“Weird how?” Andy wondered. If someone in a crazy school is called “weird” by the mad students, does that mean they’re actually normal?

“She never talks. Not ever. And no-one knows why.”

Andy had to agree, that was weird. He was even more curious about Sara Kagé than he had been before he knew her name, and decided that finding out why Sara never spoke would keep him occupied until his parents came to fetch him.