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Andy's Diary

Monday, 5 September – Day 1 of hell

I hate this place. Why did Mum and Dad have to send me here? Why can't they take me with them to Africa? I could help them, I know what to do.

It's not fair. They get to go to warm, sunny, exciting Africa and I'm stuck in a stupid boarding school in wet, cold, windy, boring Yorkshire, a.k.a the middle of nowhere.

I wish I was in Africa. I wish I was anywhere but this horrible school full of strange people.

I have to start lessons tomorrow. I hope my classmates aren’t too badly behaved. 

I hope I can get to sleep with all the other boys snoring.


Tuesday, 6 September – Day 2 of hell

I think Daniel is mad. And most of the other students. You’d have to be, to actually like this place. 

Lessons went OK. I found out I’m a lot better at reading and writing than most of the others in Year 7. (That’s what they call the first year of secondary school, the year I’m in. I think they should call it “Year 1”, or just “the 11-year-olds”.)

I’m not so good at PE, though. I suppose it’s because I’ve never really had anyone to play ball games with, that I’m bad at them. Mum and Dad just let me sit and read, write or draw, and sometimes got me to do some math or science. I got really teased about it by the class. Do they think all Americans are supposed to be amazing at sports or something?

Why did I have to come to an English school? Why couldn’t I stay in America? For one thing, it was warmer. 


Wednesday, 7 September – Day 3 of hell

I was wrong about most of the students being mad. Everyone in this whole school is mad, even the teachers. I’m the only sane one for miles.

This isn’t a school; it’s a dumping ground for kids whose parents either can’t look after them, or just don’t want to. And me. I’m the odd one out. My parents are coming back for me as soon as they can, and they’ll take me out to Kenya with them.

I can’t wait.