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Thanks Trekkie! I'm just deciding what to do for the next bit. Be warned: I edit compulsively. I may at any point go back and edit any section, but I'll try to remember to tell you if I have. Hey, we could make a game of it: first one to spot what I've changed! Laugh

I'll mostly be making little changes, hardly noticeable unless you have a really good memory; things like adding extra detail, clarifying things. While I'm on the subject of clarification, does anyone have any questions about things (in the story) they would like to have explained? I tend to jump straight into the situation without giving enough background. For example, I haven't even got to the place I originally started the story yet. I read it to a friend and she was really confused, so I thought I'd better pull back a bit and explain a little about Andy and where he is.

So, thoughts? I'd really like some constructive feedback on this sort of stuff, that's the reason I'm posting the story on here instead of just writing it on a Word document and showing it to my (very supportive) family!