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@livewyre1014 said:
Congratulations sir, as promised you pick a character of your own and I will give it the LiveWyre treatment.

Danke sir.
How’s about your take on Turbo Girl

Bio: Kathy Collins is your everyday, average 18 year old. She goes to college, parties with her friends, goes shopping, worries about boys and whether or not she will demolish her house by accident. OK, maybe that last bit is slightly different, but then Kathy is slightly different. She was born with the power to transfer stored energy from objects and other people into explosive bursts of speed or strength. The power of these bursts depends on the energy she can transfer, so a static object will give her enough energy to run at high speed for a few seconds or lift twice her body weight for a few seconds. But if she transfers energy from a moving car, she could become invulnerable for a time, run at supersonic speeds for a number of minutes (depending on the speed of the car) or lift over to 10 tons. However, she can’t turn off this power, so she has to be careful when carrying out day to day tasks, because the transferred energy from objects she touches builds up, and can be released with ferocious force if she gets angry or scared. She tries to use her powers for good as Turbo Girl, often with mixed results. She will save peoples lives, often at the cost of most of the surrounding area.