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Here’s mine. I can shade her if you wish. Based on a mixture of Saxon/ Viking mythology and Christian demonology.
A white elf from another, magical, dimension, who was corrupted by a malevolent spirit whilst practicing dark arts outlawed by her people. This action caused her banishment from her home and the branding of her skin with the dark marks, to identify her as a practitioner of black magic. She spent many years wandering her world, learning from powerful dark sorcerers until her magical power was unparalleled. Using this power, the malevolent spirit inside her transformed her image into a much more demonic form. She summoned an army of darkness and tried to overthrow the Elven Council, the government of her world. When this coup failed, the grand wizard banished her to another world and another dimension, our own. Even though her power is diminished away from her home, she is still a formidable opponent.