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Another one for you. I haven’t been able to figure out the shading for it, but I have the text file if you wish to have a go yourself.


Laht Kaled Savrod, once a great scientist, thinker and a friend to Mek Var Lem back on their home planet. However, Savrod was outcast from his home for his more extreme views on using other species as hosts and improving them with cybernetics, instead of engineering their own bodies. He was discovered experimenting with kidnapped aliens and sentenced to lose his body and be set adrift in space. However, his prison crashed on a developing world and he possessed one of the locals, building himself the perfect body and conquering his new home. However, his attentions have turned back to revenge and his sights have set on his old friend, the star-witness in his trial, Mek Var Lem.