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Alright noble machiners, new week, new villain challenge. This time, I’m looking for a Brainstorm villain. Joel Johnson was a psycic with moderate ablilities until his mind was used as a host by the alien Mek Var Lem. Mek’s race is pure mental energy, however they need corporeal bodies to inhabit, so they build their own. When Mek’s ship crashed on earth, his host body was injured beyond repair, so Mek sought out the first human who could contain his essence. Joel was that person, and now, with his alien friend living in his head, his powers are off the scale, and he has the consult of someone with a universe of knowledge in his mind. I need a villain who is connected to Mek Var Lem. Another of his own race, an alien bounty hunter, something extraterrestrial that knows of Mek Var Lem. And….GO!!!