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@Lightningsword said:

Kuya… So JAWDROP!!! Turuan mo naman ako!

@Lightningsword: Thanks for the list. Seeing your work, i can say you’re pretty much adept to the use of he machine already. TIP: Don’t see things as they were.

: Wow! Jeff’s rendetion of Kaldath is really awesome!

: Great backstory for Rangaron, and since his armor isn’t complete yet, so i’ll have him wear the braces and leg armor only?

: Dude Sora is already awesome as she is! Let’s see what else i can do.

@Livewyre: Thanks too! Glad you liked it.

@Herr D: Hmmm, what do you mean? But yeah, bring it on!

@WMD: Thanks man! I play the bass but I’ll never get as good as you do. I saw your vids playing and you’re a sick badass bass player! That’s why you’re WMD. :)