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Mad Jack

@prswirve said:
I finished one and slept then woke up to find out i gotta do five more!

Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it … ;)

That said, and since I’m a big fan of your art, here’s one of my main characters (still reworking the original story with new ideas). THE WALKER:

You can do with him what you want, maybe the following blurb will help you in your decisions:

Archeologist Lance Walker is an involuntary timetraveler who’s uncontrolled hurled back- and forward through time to places of special historical significance in order to “put right what once went wrong”. He remembers his own past just blurry and doesn’t exactly know how he got his abilities to cause certain people to develop superhuman powers but has in return a vast knowledge about what originally should have transpired in history and what change has to be done, in a specific time he appears in, to “correct” the course of events which will eventually lead to the “age of heroes” and prevent the enslavement of humankind by alien invaders.