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@JR19759 said:

Well I’m impressed.
Let’s see what you can do with this ‘un

Hey JR. I have some bad news regarding my version of your character. I ran into a couple of problems. 1) HM became buggy and began to double all the objects I used making it impossible to get different layers of shadowing/shading under the different objects. As seen here: Unrealistic_Counter.png I know I didn’t use over 350 objects as I didn’t even use that much in my Pop Quiz #1 creation, of which is much more than this version.

I attempted to clean it up by trying to use different size circles to get the shading, but just became messy in the end. With every object added, it slowed down my computer and became impossible to edit and create. Here’s my attempt to clean it up.


It’s disappointing, I know… Time has been stressing me so I will try my best to remake it. It saddened me because I thought it was going to come out really decent. Then HM just bugged on me and it became frustrating to work on. I will get on to it as soon as I can. I am truly sorry once again and hope you understand.