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I really like what Keric did with African Violet, so much that I invite him to take a stab at another of my characters. Of course, it’s still open to Lightningsword, and Mattisagamer, you’re welcome to give it a shot, too. I’m going to post several; pick one. Punkin’ Head is a demon who became obsessed with punk rock and wants to escape the demon realm to join a band. The others characters, I have not really come up with back stories for. Golden Age Star Spangled Sister is basically a Wonder Woman type without super powers, just very athletic. Fought for civil rights as well as a crime fighter. Moonstar is a member of the Cosmic Protectorate. Super strength in the Level 100+ class, invulnerability, flight, can survive in space unaided. Possesses “Cosmic Consciousness”, (think Cpt.Mar-Vel’s Cosmic Awareness). Modern era Star Spangled Sister in a genetically enhanced ass kicker, member of the Urban Soul Patrol. Level 5 super strength, healing and regenerative factors, increased agility & endurance. Black Hole is an alien, possibly from the other side of a black hole. Immeasurable super strength, can generate black holes, can generate her own gravity field, turning herself into a black hole. Her powers seem to operate totally beyond our understanding of the rules of physics. She is also a member of the Cosmic Protectorate.PUNKN-HEAD.pngBLACK-WOMEN-STARS3.png