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Thanks and those are tomahawks.

Here is Adrian Cross. Adrian has two ebony wings that allow him to fly and that he controls as if they were a second pair of arms. The feathers of the wings are like obsidian and are near invulnerable. He can throw feathers as projectiles. He was a brilliant student, easily in the top ten of the school and when it came to strategy, he was second to none. But, he was a loner as well, not really making much friends or wanting to. He was a misanthrope, his disdain fueled by constant bullying of his mutation and his intellect, making him feel that people weren’t worth the effort.


Then the attack on the school happened. Adrian saw his fellow classmates die around him and something changed. He saw his fellow classmates risking everything to save others and his faith was restored slightly. While he saw this, he knew he could help as well. The way they were going about it was aimless, striking every now and then, in between rescues. Adrian knew they needed a plan to survive and win and he was the man with one. Adrian gathered his classmates and told them of his plan. With no better option, they followed his instructions. As a result, the battle ended with minimal losses and with the students victorious.

After this, Adrian was different. He was more open and he stopped his lone wolf thing. Adrian became the school’s number one idea man, helping them plan attacks and rescues. His pragmatism and intellect made his plans work nearly every time and ensured the school did not lose many more students.

Adrian graduated with honors, one of the Institute’s greatest graduates. Unlike others who went into superheroing, Adrian took a different path. Adrian was recruited by SPARO, the government’s powered black ops squad, a group devoted to stop superpowered terrorists or dictators before they become an issue. He has been with them for several years and has been one of their top agents.