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Thanks guys and here is another student.

Connor Smith is the most powerful student at the Institute, if not the second behind Joshua Quinn. He is a shapeshifter, he can become anyone or anything. He prefers to become Animals.


Due to his native american heritage, he fought crime as Skinwalker.


Connor just showed up at the Institute one day. He snuck into the forest around the school and his powers ensured his entrance into the school. Connor was the class clown, always joking around or playing pranks. He seemed to always have fun. His powers though attracted the attention of Adrian Cross. Adrian is a brilliant student, and something about Connor seemed off. Connor seemed to be hiding his abilities, able to do more then he let on. Combining this with his sudden arrival, Adrian had his doubts about Connor.

Adrian confronted Connor and Connor revealed his secret. Connor was not Connor. He was hiding his powers. In reality, Connor was a being known by many names, but known most as Coyote. He was a trickster, a god in any other terms. He could bend reality itself and this is what he hid. He came to the school because Mankind had grown up. He could not do his fantastic tricks anymore and his life had grown stale. The Institute offered adventure and fun. Adrian agreed to keep Connor’s secret, for he knew having that much power alongside him could help save them.