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Thanks and here is the rest of the Cardenas story.

Maria took Jesse from her husband, unable to live with his villainy. They went out of state to a largeish city with a new name and an unclear future. Maria “Carver” tried and succeeded in finding a job as a teacher at a high school. They now had a chance to start over.

And then Jesse started falling through floors. He had inherited his father’s ability to walk through walls, but unlike his father, he could not control it, so he just fell through walls and floors. He had managed to reign in his abilities somewhat, but he needed help and his mother knew it. Then she heard of the Institute, a school for kids with powers, a place where they could learn and harness their capabilities.

So Jesse went to the Institute. Since the school was a government facility, he could finally be Jesse Cardenas again. He did learn how to control his powers, but with these powers also came fears. He was afraid that he shared more in common with his dad. Jesse was frightened that villainy may run in his blood, surging inside him, waiting to burst its way out. This, along with his love of his father, caused him to hide his past from his fellow students and teachers. As much as he was angry at his dad and afraid at their similarities, he was still Dad and nothing could change that.

His fears proved to be unfounded as he soon proved himself as a hero. He made friends and began to open up, a few of his closest friends knowing the truth. The whole school ended up finding out during the attack on the school. Spectre was in on it and was hired to steal something from the Institute’s vault. Miguel was shocked to find his son there and he was even more horrified when his teammates started getting violent. He and Jesse came at blows with the son desperately trying to stop the father. Unfortunately, Spectre was more skilled and ended up escaping with the loot.

Jesse didn’t have time to wallow in defeat as he had to help save his friends from Jack. He was too late to save Jessica Fernandez, but he did manage to save Jacob Holden by placing his hand around Jack’s heart. He held him at a standstill long enough for him to be subdued. He saved countless lives and finally he had shrugged off his fears. He was a hero, through and through.

His past was now in the open and he couldn’t hide it any more. He needed to help stop his father, once and forever. While his father did not hurt anyone in the attack and actually seemed to shy away from violence, he still was a part of the assault, a pawn in the murder of Jesse’s friends. Jesse hunted his father down by following BSH’s investigation of him. He then confronted his father and this time, he was not letting him go. He begged him to stop his crimes and turn himself in. He was a part of something horrible and he needed to pay for that. To everyone’s surprise, Miguel did just that. He felt guilty that he participated in an act that resulted in death and nearly could’ve killed his son. He had to atone for his crimes and he knew this was the only way to make it up to Jesse and to Maria. Miguel Cardenas was sent to a super prison and stayed in there ever since. He has reconciled with both his wife and his son who visit him regularly.

Jesse had now cleared up his past and only had the future to look forward to. He graduated from the Institute and began studying to become a teacher, hoping to help others both in and out of a costume. While he did this, he took on his father’s name of the Spectre, hoping to turn something bad into a force for good.


Jesse is now a teacher at the Institute, teaching young students and expanding their minds with the worlds of Shakespeare and Shelley. He is giving back to the school which helped him so much.