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Thanks everyone, I didn’t think it would get so much recognition. Jackal, after your character, I looked up the device and this along with an never realized idea of a Texan Longhorn turned into an idea for a bronze minotaur with white hot limbs. Speaking of, AoL, it isn’t rainbow flames just heated metal.

Jacob Holden received a very drastic mutation. His skin turned to stone and he could not go back. When he was sent to the Institute, he stayed to himself, quiet and reserved. His stone skin made him a prime target for bullies. He was all alone and then Jessica Fernandez, a pyrokinetic cheerleader, stepped up and defended him. Jacob had found a friend. He followed her around like a bodyguard. She initially resented his constant guarding, but soon began to view him as her confidante.


Then the attack on the school happened. Several superpowered mercenaries attacked the school and among their ranks was the chaotic Jack. He launched energy blasts every, creating mayhem and killing several students. He cackled as death surrounded him. One of the people who ended up dead was Jessica and Jacob became furious. He leapt at Jack and he would have killed him if other students had not intervened. Jesse Cardenas subdued the villain while Jacob, to his amazement found his skin begin to crack, revealing flesh underneath. The attack ended and everyone ended up arrested. Too many students had died in the process, though.

Jacob was different afterwards. He became more active, his friend’s death giving him a new lease on life. She would have wanted him to live, so he did. Jacob began to get to know his colleagues, gaining friends. His powers also advanced, he could now turn his skin into stone on demand. The years passed, and he became the hero Gargoyle. Jessica Fernandez may have died, but she still lives on in him.