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Thanks and I’m going to disagree with you on that. Quinn has the power to create and destroy life with a thought. He could create cities of gold and glass rise from dead earth and he could turn a thriving megalopolis into dust. While he may not be able to read minds, that is not a necessity for a god. As for the immortality, he could manipulate his cell’s telemeres to essentially prolong his life indefinitely. As for the controlling minds, he might be able to do that with practice, but he can create either feelings or nothing by pressing on certain regions of the brain. He could wipe a whole person’s memory or he could create euphoria by releasing dopamine or he could cause pain by really anything. In total, he is perhaps my most powerful character who if he is not a god, which I could argue that he is, he certainly has the powers of one. Dr. Manhattan, who was a bit of his inspiration, is certainly what you’d call a god and like Josh, he is just a massively powered human.

Kyle Reid was a slacker. He was smart, but he never bothered enough to show it. He joined up with his fellow slackers and he hung out at the Institutes urban park where he could skate. His superhuman speed, agility and strength (Essentially Spiderman minus webs and wall crawling) allowed him to coast by in his power classes. All of this angered Ethan Torres who had to fight for every bit of respect. He had no powers and had to use everything to excel, while Kyle had powers and didn’t use them to their fullest, just getting by. He was the definition of wasted potential.

This caused fights amongst the two and eventually Ethan got through to him and he started to try. He became a new person, a better hero. He learned how to fight from Ethan. He would eventually become the hero Slam.