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Camazotz is really cool and Joshua’s backstory is absolutely great.
However, I don’t think you can really call him a “god” as that really depends on your perception of what “god” is.
If you look into biblical sources, you see that God knows all thoughts and feelings of the humans, as well as their souls, and can manipulate them as he sees fit. Joshua doesn’t really have that kind of power.
Also, no matter how strong he is, Josh is a mortal, while God, or the gods the Greeks, Mayans, Egyptians, Celts and the other people who believed in multiple gods, are immortal. Even if he does have the ability to transmute and manipulate matter, the stuff we humans are made of allows us to live 120-130 years tops.
And one last thing-You have mainly listed his abilities to destroy things, while clearly with such powers he can do so much more! For example, being able to control all matter around you, potentially gives you the ability to manipulate people’s minds!
Because basically, thoughts and feelings are chemical reactions and the releasing of a few hormones and other stuff such as Serotonine, inside the brain. He can then control these chemicals and hormones as he sees fit, and potentially manipulate a large portion of people’s thoughts and feelings, even if not completely taking control over their mind (i.e. he cant “read people’s minds).

tl;dr: Josh has some awesome powers but he is not a god!

Lol sorry for that, just had to unload this one! :D