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Joshua’s parents were killed when he was little. They were in a bank that got robbed and they accidentally got shot. Ever since then he’s been looking for the men who did it. This also gave him a strong sense of justice. Josh grew up with his uncle and when his telekinesis emerged, he went to the Institute. Josh became more and more powerful, his telekinesis allowing him to control things on smaller and smaller scales. He could shatter something with a wave of his hand. He was soon one of, if not, the most powerful kids at the Institute.
He was part of Team Beta with Ethan Torres, Jesse Cardenas, Cody Bishop, and Isaac Cross and they became the best of friends. They worked together and often helped Joshua learn to control his new found powers. He had now become powerful enough to control things on the molecular level, able to disintegrate matter. One day when Team Beta was fighting a supervillain, he found the men who killed his parents. He flew into a rage and he almost atomized them. If it were not for his friends, the criminals would be dust in the wind. Joshua was terrified of what he almost did, he had almost murdered two men. He was so scared that he fled into space.

Joshua Quinn was not heard from for five years. He has recently returned, even more powerful, his eyes perpetually glowing. He can now destroy an entire city with a thought or create a black hole with a clenched fist. He can also transmute matter on an atomic scale. He had become a living god. His isolation from Earth alongside his near omnipotence seems to have detached him from humanity, making him colder, more analytical. He is distant from his old friends and they are the only ones who can even get through to him.

It is unclear if he will be a force for good or if he will harm those here on Earth.