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I’d recommend Kiss of Death, it is a great noir, well good noir elevated by Widmark’s oscar nominated performance. Now my net character, my private eye Hawthorne smokes more than Mitchum in Out of the Past, another fantastic noir.

“Things used to be simpler. Good fought evil. Sword clashed with sword. Spell countered spell. But times have changed. Arrows became lead. Stone castles became steel obelisks that pierced the heavens. Good and evil disappeared into shades of gray. Kingdoms faded into cities and kings became mayors. Knights became cops and rangers became snipers. Magic still flies, but it is simpler. The only things that really stayed the same are the things people want : sex, money, power. People lie, cheat, steal and even kill for these things and they always will. I deal with these people, they need things found or discovered, I’m their man. The name’s Hawthorne and for the right price, I’ll find something for you.”