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Father Timothy McMahon, a priest who has the word of god inscribed on his right hand. The word means light and with it, the Father can fill beings with holy light, killing most demons and disorienting humans. It also glows in the presence of demons, alerting him of danger.

He works in a very impoverished neighborhood, a neighborhood evil thrives in. Demons came in to feed off of the desperate people trying to survive or get out of the area or to empower those who wish to conquer. Father McMahon had encountered these demons before he received his gift, and was pretty good at exorcising. He encountered a demon attacking a man in an alley one night and he rushed to help. That man he helped was the angel Metatron, the scribe and voice of God. In exchange for his courage, Metatron offered the priest anything. Tim said he just wanted to protect his neighborhood and keep it clean, so Metatron burned the word onto McMahon’s hand. Father McMahon then used his gift to help his neighborhood, much to the demons’ disliking.

He encountered Dylan Blake and initially fought him, detecting his demonic half, but lost, as his angelic half made him immune to the word of God on Tim’s hand. After this, he began to help the hybrid boy, becoming a mentor and creating the closest thing Dylan has as a home.