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Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Richard Faraday was converted into electricity and then into a beam of plasma that ripped through an alien warship. The energies from this beam continued moving through space, scattered by the explosion. A portion of this energy soon passed through a cosmic cloud. This cloud reactivated something, it brought back Richard’s consciousness, leaving him a sentient electrical cloud.

Alive again, the hero made his way back home, entering various ships before coming close enough to earth. He raced down as a bolt of lightning and entered Eternity’s television. To Eternity’s surprise, his old friend who he thought dead, was now talking to him. He needed to help his friend so he put his technicians on making a body for Faraday. As he was now energy, Richard could occupy and control electronics, so controlling his new body was easy. He also had Eternity make him a second body, a more costumey body. This second body could be used to fight crime, as heroism was in his veins, even if now they ran voltage instead of blood.

Richard Faraday once fought crime as Dynamo, then he saved lives as a doctor, and he had saved the world at the cost of his body. Now he would once again do good as the hero Amp.