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Richard Faraday was once the hero Dynamo, the electrical Ace. As he got older and had a family, he retired from heroics and went back to his pre-hero job of being a doctor, a great one too. He ended up working to save the lives of his former comrades at the Hero Hospital. His abilities allowed him to work as a living AED, in order to keep his patients alive. His hard work eventually led to his placement as the head of the hospital, where he worked alongside Eternity to ensure the best protection for heroes in the city. In the past year, he found out his abilities had a cost. In order to make his electricity, his body would energize a cell and then amplify and convert that energy to electricity. Now a cell here and there did no harm, but as time went along, the energization became more unstable. It wouldn’t stop when he stopped making charge, it would just energize more and more, leading to little shocks and pains. The past year, the energization became worse. The chain reactions became visibly larger, now the old doctor convulsing as the electricity arced off of him. He was too dangerous to stay in the hospital so he found a replacement and he left.


When the beam hit, the space battle raged on and the heroes boarded the ship, but they also had a land plan. There was a laser left over from an alien ship, a laser that might be able to pierce and destroy the space cruiser. The problem was that there was nothing powerful enough to power the cannon. That is where Faraday comes in. He knew he was dying and he knew that if he pushed his body, it would create a massive amount of energy, large enough to power the cannon and save the earth. So when the alien beam ravaged the city, Eternity and Faraday, along with his son, the new dynamo, were at the cannon. Richard told his son he loved him and then made him leave as he hooked himself up.

Energy jumped off of him in a massive scale and into the cannon. Eternity aimed the cannon, his friend’s screams weighing on his mind. And as one beam destroyed the city, another left it straight into the heart of the warship. It ripped across the ship, incinerating aliens and it stopped just short of bisecting it. Eternity looked over and saw only singed clothing where his friend once was, Faraday had given up his life to destroy the ship.


Alpha, who was on the ship, was thrown as the ship was impacted and he looked in horror as he began to fall onto the beam from below. He pressed his teleporter and he left the ship, though his arm got caught in the beam as he teleported away. He reappeared into the teleporter ship, safely out of the battle, his bloody and now unusable arm laying on the ground. He reached into his pocket and grabbed a detonator. While he had been on the ship, he and his allies had planted bombs and now they were to finish the job Faraday started. The dozen explosions finally split the warship in twain and caused the latter end to explode, irreperably damaging the front half. The surviving half jettisoned its remaining attack pods to the planet, before it too exploded.

On the planet, heroes and villains alike fought off the aliens leaving the attack pods. Many died, but the aliens were defeated. The ship had arrived and it had also been destroyed, humanity ready to live another day.