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It has arrived and it is within firing distance. Its beam, if it was at full power, could destroy a city in a second, the blast of energy cascading out, destroying the city (a la independence day). However, the massive firefight in space has had the warship’s laser at half power, as they need their shields against the various beams and blasts of the small fighters around them. The beam is now smaller and it does not cascade as much, now only destroying several blocks in its path, instead of cities. The warship fires its beam and it begins to rip through Aeolus, everyone trying to save as many lives as possible. Magicians have evacuated citizens into a pocket dimension and various heroes are helping people evacuate.

Amalgam was trying to clear out a parking structure when he got trapped. The beam destroyed everything around him, sending him falling to the ground, his metal form being the only thing keeping him alive. His body felt like it was being crushed under the heat and energy of the beam, he felt his skin burning as the metal ripped away. But then it was gone, the beam had passed him over and he had somehow survived. With that thought, the hero lost consciousness,