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Thanks and here is Mordred, Excalibur’s main foe next to Morgan Le Fay.

Mordred, like Excalibur, is a descendant of Arthur, though his lineage traces back to Mordred and the rivalry between his bloodline and Arthur’s other children is long and bloody. When Excalibur received his sword, Mordred received Clarent, the original sword in the stone which was tainted by Mordred when it laid a mortal blow to Arthur. Mordred is Excalibur’s most deadly foe as he is stronger, faster, and more adept at magics than Excalibur, not to mention a better swordsman.

Early in Excalibur’s career, Mordred beat Excalibur within inches of death and caused Excalibur to retire from heroics for a year, where the hero trained and recovered from his wounds. He came back as a stronger and better magician which has allowed him to match his villainous relative and even defeat him at times with his now superior swordsmanship.