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Thanks Legatus, it’s good to see you back.

Name: Dav Kehr, though this may not be his/her real name and just a pseudonym
Aliases: The Faceless, the Man with no Face, Blank Face,
Race: Unknown, his constant wearing of the suit and mask leave his race an enigma
Gender: Assumed to be male, though a woman could be occupying the suit
Occupation: Space Pirate/thief, captain of the Nosifer
Affiliation: Evil, though he is just a thief
Abilities: Expert shot with his proton pistols and with other weapons. His reflexes are near/above peak human levels as is his speed.
Paraphernalia: His mask allows him to breathe in any environment, see in several spectrums and to translate any language known. It also may alter his voice. His suit allows him to survive in a variety of surroundings including the vacuum of space and extreme temperatures. It also gives him enhanced strength and durability. His proton pistols fire a plasma blast which can be altered in intensity and focus. He also wears gravity boots which allow him to alter his gravity for brief moments for high jumps and to stick to objects. Lastly, he carries a load of grenades which achieve various effects.
History: Dav Kehr and the Nosifer have been roaming the galaxies and robbing many ships. Dav has not been cruel and he leaves most ships unharmed and with enough supplies to return home. He also treats his victims with respect and he generally allows his victims to keep one piece of jewelry, generally a wedding ring or an heirloom. He has crossed paths with Cosmos before because of his thieving ways, but he manages to elude them every time. He is on Cosmos’s top ten most wanted,