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Real Name: Paige Carter

AKA: Spectra; formerly Phase

Modus Operandi: Heroine

Status: Active

Affiliations: Formerly with the Cadets

Relationships: Engaged to and dating Paragon

Territory: Argent City

Nationality: American

Powers: Spectra can become intangible

Weaknesses: Since she can still hear while intangible, she is vulnerable to sound attacks. Also some kinetic bursts of energy such as explosions have affected her.

History: Paige was a normal girl, albeit a beautiful one, when she discovered her powers. With her new powers, she became Phase. Shortly after that, she helped form the Cadets with Paragon, Psych, Gadgetm and Snowball. She worked with them for years before Snowball died.

Everyone else except for her and Paragon left Argent City after that. The two of them stayed together and they finally got engaged. During a recent fight with Phobia, some of Paige's hair was made irreparably white. To accommodate this change, she became Spectra.