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Real Name: Kyle Madison

AKA: Paragon

Modus Operandi: Hero

Status: Active

Affiliations: Formerly with the Cadets

Relationships: Dating and engaged to Spectra

Territory: Argent City

Nationality: American

Powers: Paragon can fly, has superstrength and durability, and he has enhanced senses.

Weaknesses: Paragon is incredibly claustrophobic due to a childhood trauma. He will freak out when in an enclosed space.

History: Kyle Madison grew up in a middle class home. His parents were making a decent living, but not anything to call rich or wealthy. His parents were good and they instilled a good morality in their son. His childhood was good, except for the time when he got locked in a trunk for an hour while playing hide and seek. This incident would give him his claustrophobia.

When he became older and went to high school, he discovered his abilities. Combining his skills and his morality, it was only natural for him to become a hero. Thus Kid Paragon was born. He was active for about a month when others around him became heroes. There was Phase, the intangible knockout, Psych, the telepathic prankster, Snowball, Psych's frosty brother in arms, and Gadget, the genius. He gathered these young superhumans and together they formed the cadets, a superhuman team that was their own.

The Cadets were active for over four years and they became the closest of friends, in fact Phase and Kyle began to fall in love. Unfortunately, they were broken up by tragedy. While they were fighting a madman bent on world domination, Snowball fell in the line of duty. No one in the group was the same after that. And so they began to drift apart.

Because of the tragedy, Gadget hung up his mask to become and inventor, though occasionally, does put it back on again as Hardware. Psych became cynical and joined the government to do black ops as Psyche. Kyle and Phase did stay together, though, and they both remained heroes. Kyle had grown up and was now just Paragon and Phase became Spectra.