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Thanks, and yes I’d imagine it being very wild.

Here is Erik Reinhardt, a german soldier from WWII who while loving his country, he did not believe in what the Nazi party was doing. He was not a monster and he did not want his country vilified for the slaughter of innocents. This belief drove him to help the allies and help some Jewish people out of the country.


This was eventually found out by his friend and captain, Karl Lowe. Lowe also did not like what his country was doing, but his country was still his country. So he gave Erik a chance to explain himself and when he admitted to treason, he shot Erik. Erik asked his friend one thing, that he be used as a symbol. When the allies won, he did not want his family to be marred with having a nazi officer in the family. He also wanted them to know that he had died protecting people. He died and Lowe made sure that Erik Reinhardt was known as a traitor who helped the undesirables escape. Lowe also tried to protect his dead friend’s family, for while he did what he had to do, he still was Erik’s friend.


The war ended and Erik was remembered as a hero. Lowe was an army soldier so he did not actively participate in Germany’s more horrific acts and he had committed no war crimes. But having to kill his friend left a mark on him that haunted him. He lived alone and it ate away at him, until one day he could not take it anymore. He was found the next day, dead.