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Name: Adam Clay

Race: Homunculus

Rank: Detective

Affiliation: Department 13, formerly the homicide division of the APD

Status: Active

City of Origin: Aeolus

Skills: Adam is a good detective and a great shot with a pistol.

Special Abilities: As a Homunculus, he has superstrength, above average senses and cannot die as long as the stone within him has energy. The stone within him contains the life energy which keeps him alive. As long as it contains lifeforce, Adam can heal from any wound. He can replenish the stone by absorbing life force from plants or other energies like electricity. If it runs out of energy or is destroyed, he will die.

History: Adam was just a normal detective before the case which would forever change his life. It was a string of serial murders. Half a dozen people had been found stabbed with a very unique blade, an ancient ritualistic blade. He and his partner, Isaac Chambers had traced the murders back to a man by the name of Darius Cole.

Darius then revealed Adam’s true nature and issued him an order to kill his partner. Through pure force of will, Adam resisted his command and killed his father. With his whole life now a lie, Adam couldn’t stay with the APD, so he quit. Department 13 offered him a job and he has been with them ever since.