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Real Name: Unknown, but has gone by Laura Palmer, obviously an alias

AKA: Lethe

Modus Operandi: Memory specialist for hire, has worked for both sides

Status: active

City of Origin: Unknown, but given affinity for Argent City, it is assumed that is her hometown

Territory: Aeolus, Argent City, and Accadia

Skills/Abilities: She is an able seductress and speaks several languages

Powers: Lethe can manipulate memories to erase, create, find, or alter memories. Skin contact is necessary for her powers to work.

History: She popped up 3 years ago, working for anyone who could give her money. She worked for crimelords, for BSH, and even SPARO for a while. She still sells herself to the highest bidder, though she has strict guidelines for nonviolence, in fact she is often used to avoid violence by erasing witnesses' memories. Her usefulness has kept her alive and as long as she is useful, she will remain doing what she does best.