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Tom Morse was once a generally normal young man. He had fought hard for his country, but the things he saw left him damaged. When he got back, his old life was in shambles. His job was now taken by someone else and his apartment had been torn down. In a few weeks, he was near penniless. Then he discovered his gift. Tom found he could breathe fire and he decided to use this to fix his broken life. So he became a supervillain.

The Dragon came onto the scene and began to rob banks. Tom had robbed five banks in a year, but he always made sure to avoid harming people. He had already seen too much death and he did not wish to cause any more. Tom now had more money than he could spend, but he still felt lost.

And then he met Alisa Sanders. She was the love of his life and because of her, he quit his criminal life. He told her what he had done and she made him stop and give up the money. If she was going to live her life with him, she did not want to live off of stolen goods. He donated the money to charities and began his new life. The two of them were happy and the happy couple soon had a son. Robert was a beautiful boy and he was his parents love and joy.

Unfortunately, Robert did everything in his power to make his parent’s lives hell. He acted out and he played the rebellious teenager a bit too well. And when he discovered he inherited his dad’s powers, he decided to become the very thing he is parents hated, his father’s past. Robert Morse is now the second dragon, a fierce and merciless mercenary/thief.

Tom went to BSH and revealed his past, but a mix of the statute of limitations having passed and in exchange for going after his son, he wasn’t prosecuted. He now helps them go after his ever villainous son in order to save him and to right the wrongs of his past.