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Magie Noir

“The times are changing. We used to be ruled by wood and iron. Men in shiny armor fought other men in shiny armor and robed men threw fire and ice at each other. We still fight, but the circumstances have merely changed. We don’t stand in formation when we go to kill you, we do it sneaky now. We don’t even have the common decency to look you in the eyes when we kill you. The iron and wood became replaced by steel and plastic. Our bows and arrows got replaced by guns and hot lead.

Magic has stuck around, but it too has changed. The old ways of long and complicated spells got replaced by enchantments and simplicity. Magic is not the art it used to be, now it just makes our guns better and our spells faster. The old professions are near obsolete now. Sorcerers exist to solve menial problems, rangers have become marksman and coppers, knights still protect us with the rangers, though they still use swords to do their work, and the bards have become mere shows in clubs.

But where do I fit in this crazy world, you ask. I work as a detective. When people need to find out something that the police can’t help with or which the police wouldn’t like, I am your man, well elf. And if things should get dangerous, don’t you worry yourself about me, I can handle myself. So got something you need found out, call me.”