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Thanks AMS, you have some good ones too.

This is Ethan Torres. He is the half-human and half-alien son of the hero Strandon. Strandon is an alien who is stronger, faster, and more durable than us humans and when he crashed here, he decided to use these powers to protect his new home. He found a wife and had a son who looked human except for his blue hair, something he inherited from his father.

Ethan does not have his dad’s physiology though, but he is a bit above the average human. Mainly, he has his father’s intelligence. Strandon’s race are more advanced than humans and have higher brain capacity, meaning they are also smarter than humans. This alongside the alien tech he has examined over the years has made Ethan quite the expert on advanced technology. So much so, that he was able to convert the tech from his dad’s ship and with a little bit of ingenuity on his part, into a suit which can create a forcefield to shield him from certain attacks, grav-boots, gauntlets which use that forcefield technology to fire a concussive blast, although only in limited amounts, and a pistol which has vast varieties of shots ranging from concussive to electrical.

He uses these to first help his father and he uses them at the Institute, where he is learning how to be a better hero. He is perhaps one of the smartest students at the Institute and one of their better fighters. He has a natural capability to lead, something he got from his father, who unfortunately died in the Zalamin invasion.