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Thanks and this is Jesse Cardenas, one of my favorite characters. He is a student at the Institute who can become intangible. His father is also the villainous Spectre, a fact that he and his mother were unaware of for fifteen years. They left Michael, his father after they found out and Jesse soon went to the institute to control his powers.

There, he made a new life for himself and he became one of the school’s most gifted students, because he could keep a clear head in dangerous situations and was halfway decent when it came to plans. These two things often made him team leader.

While he was learning, his father was also looking for him, as he did love his wife and son despite how villainous he is. Michael even led the assault on the school and why he, himself, did not kill any students out of respect and love for his son, his team did lead to many casualties, something for which both his son and the law wish to apprehend him for.

After Jesse graduated from the Institute, he would become an English teacher there, so he could usher in more heroes and so he could defend the school that he loved. While he teaches, he also moonlights as a new heroic Spectre, as he hopes to try to right his father’s wrongs.