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This is Adrian Cross, a student at the Institute. He is a mutant who has a pair of ebony colored wings which are near invulnerable and are superstrong in order to lift him off the ground. He can also launch its feathers like blades. He can use this wings to protect himself and in combat as a second pair of arms. The only bad side to this is he can’t hide them. They are too massive and as others could see them, he was often bullied. This turned him into a misanthrope and a loner, something he carried with him into the Institute. He never had any friends at the Institute and he always made top marks, which further ostracized him from some of the kids.

Then the school was attacked by a group of powered mercenaries. Many students fled, were wounded or died in the attack and if it wasn’t stopped more would die. So Adrian got together with some of the others like Jesse and Ari and came up with a plan. They enacted Adrian’s plan and it worked, they defeated the villains and won the day, though a couple students did die in achieving victory. Those kids he sent to death would forever haunt Adrian and make him slightly darker, despite all of the new friends he had. He would also become Raven to fight crime.