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Real Name: Bryan Cooke

Alias: Cosmos

City of origin: Argent City

Territory: Earth and its surrounding planets

Skills/Abilities: Bryan has a keen eye from his police days and can handle a firearm.

Powers: With the Cosmos bands, Bryan can fly, project energy blasts and shields, and has limited durability and superstrength. He also can breathe in the vast recesses of space, see more on the electromagnetic spectrum, and enhanced his other senses.

Status: Deceased

History: Cosmos (The most accurate term in English; it means order) is an intergalactic police force which protects the universe from galactic threats and keeps law and order in the recesses of space. Their power comes from an ancient energy source which has existed since the beginning of time itself, a remnant of the big bang which grants them the power to defend the universe.


In light of the increasing invasions and attacks on Earth, Cosmos decided that it was time for an earthling to join their ranks. Detective Bryan Cooke of the Argent City Police Force was the person chosen for the job for his abilities and his situation. As he had no family, he could take the near exile it takes to be a Cosmos officer. He accepted the job reluctantly, but since he did, he has been a valiant hero who has saved Earth time and time again.


Unfortunately, Bryan would meet his untimely end due to the cataclysmic Zalamin invasion.




Editors Note: Basically, Cosmos is my universes green lantern corps. Also, the corps used to be known as the StarGuardians, but Cosmos, which means order, is a far better name, so it changed.