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Cody Bishop is a former student of the Institute. Cody had the ability to absorb energy and turn the energy into superstrength or redirect it as energy blasts. He was one of their best and most capable fighters. That is until the day he died. The students had gone to a remote villain’s lair on some remote island. They had won the day, but the villain had booby-trapped the island with explosives, enough to destroy everything within a mile of the island. Even if their plane had left at that moment, the shockwave would still rip the jet to shreds. So Cody did the heroic thing. He sacrifice himself. He set his friends loose and he absorbed the explosion, knowing it was too much and that he would overload. He absorbed it and then he overloaded, the full force of the explosion ripping its way out of him. It would lead to his death, but it gave his friends a few lifesaving seconds to get away.


Overloading didn’t kill Cody immediately. He laid on the remnants of the island for a couple of minutes, dying. Something did come to save him, a demon. It offered Cody a deal, it could use his body in exchange for it saving Cody. Cody was the perfect shell as the demon could stay there indefinitely because Cody’s power would absorb excess energy shed by the demon and not burn out like normal hosts do. Cody reluctantly agreed, but he had a few terms. First of all, was that his body could not be used to harm humans maliciously and that he could be conscious while the demon had control. The demon agreed with the conditions that Cody would never try to remove him and if he did, the demon could have the body forever. Cody was saved and now he does good, but at nights, his body does evil. This duality has taken its toll on Cody, but he still remains who he was before that explosion, a hero for the most part.