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Thanks and here is Praetor.

Praetor is an immortal who dates back to the holy roman empire. He is the general (Praetor) of an army meant to eradicate the Ancients. They are demons older than the earth itself who wish to come back to our world to conquer it. The group that gave him his immortality and powers were the descendants of the mages who first locked away the Ancients. Their intent was to have one person who they felt could fight off the Ancients if they ever returned and Praetor was their champion. Praetor’s army is made up of demon slayers of all races and creeds, if they can kill a demon, they can work for him. He and his army have done a good job, as only one Ancient has ever made it into our world. Praetor now works with BSH’s demon division to help them eradicate demonic forces on the planet.