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Nicholas Keye


Demon hunter/occult detective


Nicholas is a very potent magician who has access to a lot of mana and can use said mana very well. He is a class four wizard(Goes from 1-weakest to 5-strongest). He is also a decent thoughtmage, meaning for some of his more common spells, he need not even think it.

Accendo– Illuminates the user’s hands with angelic light which can burn and kill demons. Used by angels
Zetra– Teleportation spell which Nick can use without speaking
Akerah– Magical bolt spell
Dormis– Sleeping spell

His gloves are magical amplifiers which reduces the actual mana needed for spells by about half. His jacket has been enchanted to have a pocket dimension hidden within which only Nicholas can access.


Nicholas lived a hard life. His parents were killed by demons and Nicholas grew up in various foster homes, picking up spell books wherever her could. As his knowledge grew, so did his power. By age 25, he was already a class 3 magician, a feat few have reached.

He began to use this skill to hunt down demons or to help people. This led him into his current line of work as a detective/slayer. Along the way, he has met all sorts of beings, anything from demons to angels, you can bet he met them.